The 7 Luckiest Tarot Cards To Receive In A Reading

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Rest assured that you won’t be overwhelmed with too much information because the above hub will only cover the very basics that will help you get started on learning more about Tarot Cards. You’ll also be learning about what kinds of decks you should buy if you’re just a beginner to Tarot Cards.

An experienced tarot reader has gained the knowledge and the craft of defining tarot cards for you, but think how wonderful it would be if you could learn to define you, yourself. There are several good eBooks out there that will teach you all you need to know about reading and interpreting tarot cards, but all you really need is one.


tarot cards

Every day I am apreciative of the new adventours the tarot has helped me to uncover in my life and profession. If it was not for the new age tarot we would not have been able to make this journey and it does not take an novice to discover the secrets of the tarot cards and their intuition like some other decks that we have played with over the years. Rider Waite is popular but fails to provide the modern use that voyager tarot does today. There are so many types of tarot to choose from. The Thoth deck tarot which is more ritual and ancient in its looks or modern tarot decks like the voyager or angel decks that are out there.

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On the other hand, if you’re already an expert in Tarot Cards, then you certainly don’t need to read up on all this other information about it.

Run a search on tarot cards in any search engine, like Google, and see what you find. This is such a broad and vast topic that you’ll no doubt see a whole lot of results all about Tarot Cards. A lot of this information is, of course, useful and helpful. But the problem is, with so much information to be had on the subject, you can get inundated with pages and pages of information that you might not even know where to start. You’ll just end up being frustrated as you try to find what you’re looking for.

Another reason to buy tarot cards is to learn about yourself. Each time you read your cards, you will find out something new about your life and about the way you look at life. For example, if you’re in a troublesome situation, you might read your cards as being negative. After a while, you will begin to see that you are looking at things in a negative way, which can prompt you to change this pattern. The cards are going to be able to show answers you already know, but that you may not have seen without the reading.

The tarot cards are believed to have originated in Europe in the 14th century. However, the word tarot derives from an Arabic word and the concept of them can trace its roots to ancient Egypt. This leads historians to believe the cards may have developed their popularity in the western world in the 14th century, but the actual origination point of the cards can be traced back a great many centuries prior to that.

But even with such a history, many still are convinced of the future telling capabilities of Tarot Cards, yielding to its widespread practice as a system in fortune telling.

Tarot Cards are a tool. The true power of the tarot is the reader who interprets what these images mean. They are an intermediary between the conscious and unconcious mind.

Just a couple of points that not all those who read the tarot cards for a living will agree but it is hard to put a time frame when reading the cards. If there is anything in the cards then its going happen within three months as actions are already in place to make what every is going to happen, happen, if that makes sense.

Tarot cards can be a great way to not only glimpse the future but also to focus on it, and through the power of positive thinking attract good things into your life. Each tarot reading starts with a question from which the seeker can actively ask for guidance or even help to bring good luck their way. One can’t definitively say that a particular card is always lucky or indeed that another card is a sign of bad luck because each card’s meaning is dependent on the context and its relationship to other cards in the reading. However there are some cards in the tarot deck that have such a strong energy and are so auspicious that they are invariably a sign of some good fortune or other coming the way of the questioner. The following is a list of cards that you really want to turn up in a tarot card reading:

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Reading tarot cards would stand to be very much subjective, as their meanings vary from one fortune teller to another. Also, interpretations could vary depending on the spread, as well as the type of tarot deck being used.

Another wrong assumption regarding the tarot card reading technique it that it brings evil luck if you read your own cards. A person does not have to become a psychic in order to learn this art. Anybody can learn this technique but the best tarot card reader is a professional with psychic will be more than handy. Please do not be under the wrong impression that too many tarot cards will bring in misfortune. But it can create blocks. You need time to analyze what is being said in one card before picking another.

Finally, you might want to pick up some tarot cards in order to create a new skill for yourself. The art of reading them is not a dying one, but many people are interested in paying others for this fortune telling skill. If you can tell someone’s future from tarot cards, you might be able to make money in a part time setting, helping to supplement your income. Just setting up a table in a coffee shop (with their permission) or going to a New Age fair can garner you a long line of customers.

Members of American society often have trouble confronting the aging process and inevitable death, but the Death tarot card teaches us not to be afraid of this fact of life. If we can’t escape death, then we should learn not to fear it. The tarot cards teach us this.

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If you’re a fan of dragons, then you should certainly take a look at these decks with Dragon themes. It’s all right even if you don’t read Tarot Cards. Maybe you just want these cards because of all the Dragon artwork.

Remember, though, that the reading of tarot cards is only as good as the reader. It is vitally important that the reader has a very good understanding of the meanings of the various cards. If the reader is not proficient in this then the reading will be flawed. This is the main cause of poor and incorrect readings.

If you read Tarot Cards, then you might find some of these Dragon themed decks appealing to you and you might even want to try reading with them. If so, then by all means, acquire these decks for yourself.

The first known documented tarot cards were created between 1430 and 1450 in Milan, Ferrara and Bologna in northern Italy when additional trump cards with allegorical illustrations were added to the common four suit pack. These new decks were originally called carte da trionfi, triumph cards, and the additional cards known simply as trionfi, which became “trumps” in English. The first literary evidence of the existence of carte da trionfi is a written statement in the court records in Florence, in 144 The oldest surviving tarot cards are from fifteen fragmented decks painted in the mid 15th century for the Visconti Sforza family, the rulers of Milan.

The tarot cards were first used only for playing cards later once when they have found that there is a spiritual power people started using it for telling psychic readings. There are 78 cards in a deck which contains two Arcana’s called as Major Arcana and Minor Arcana which has 22 and 56 cards each. The major Arcana cards are containing powerful pictures and concepts and the minor Arcana contain symbols each of which has different meanings. The major symbols which are in the minor Arcana are swords, wands, cups and pentacles. Also it contains the royal power cards like king, queen, knight and page all of which had an Ace along with it.

All About Tarot Readings

Tarot Reading: What, Where, and How

tarot cardsTarot cards have been used to tell fortunes for over 500 years, but they’ve never been more popular than now. While everyday stresses can cause people to feel weighed down by what’s to come, tarot readings can ease tension and help to set someone’s mind straight.

Most people believe the cards themselves can give someone a peek into the future. However, the cards aren’t actually used to predict what’s going to happen in a relationship, with a job, or with family. They’re simply meant to give insight into oneself, helping you reevaluate issues, and sometimes even open a person’s eyes to problems they didn’t know were there.

Reading tarots, also called taromancy, is an ancient form of divination. Dating back to 15th century Europe, the practice of tarot readings hasn’t changed at all. The amount of cards can vary, but a tarot deck usually consists of about 78 cards. The cards consist of two arcanas: major and minor.

The minor arcana is made of 56 of the 78 cards, while the other 22 make up the major arcana. The minor arcana includes four suites much like regular playing cards. The suites are called wands, swords, cups, and circled pentacles. When using the minor arcana, the questions being answered are usually about small, daily problems.

Unlike the minor arcana, the cards in the major arcana each represents something different and are looked at individually, rather than as a whole. The cards in this arcana represent death, strength, and the devil.

Even more important than the types of cards in a deck is how they are laid out. Called the “spreads,” the different way that cards are displayed in the tarot reading is how you tell the meaning of them. Types of spreads range from one card to spreads that use all 78 cards in the deck. Cards in a spread, no matter how many, are numbered. The numbers help you lay your cards correctly in the spread.

Three of the most popular spread types are the “3 fates,” the “Celtic cross,” and the “tetrakyts.”

The 3 fates is simply just three cards laid out next to each other; one representing the past, one representing the present, and one representing the future.

The Celtic cross is a ten card spread, shaped like a simple cross with an extra card in the middle. It represents many different types of things such as past and future influences and an individual’s hopes and dreams.

Another popular spread is the tetrakyts. It also uses 10 cards and is shaped like a pyramid, starting at the top with card 10. It focuses more on elements like earth, wind, and fire as well as light and darkness. Figuring out which spread is best for what you want to find out is an important element in tarot and it can make or break your reading.

Along with the different face cards, arcanas, and suits, there’s also different types of tarot card readings. Question readings are often the most popular type. People who want to ask specific questions about a certain area or event in their life like how a date will go, will find this type to be the most useful.

However, tarot cards do not answer yes or no questions. There’s also open readings. People trying to find out about a broader subject in their lives will want to have an open tarot card reading. Most people have open readings when they are going through new phases in their lives like having a baby or going through a break up.

Tarot readings can increase perceptiveness and help someone find things out about their own life they would have otherwise never realized. For hundreds of years, people have found them mesmerizing and useful.

Some people believe only those who are spiritually awakened and have a special gift can truly use the cards, but others believe anyone who can get their hands on tarot cards can read their own future. Some say the cards can only be used by the person who owns them.

The only way to find out is to try it for yourself!